I had big plans for this baby Rear panels replaced Sad standard civic interior
Car sprayed in blue 2 red flip paint Who forgot to remove the masking? Entering workshop to get interior ripped out
Work begins on interior Front cream leather in ready 2 ride on Rear cream leather seats all in place
In go the 5 inch twin exhausts The exhausts in action! Lowering springs installed 40mm drop
You can imagine how I felt when I removed the packaging (Woww 17's 4 my civic) Painted callipers yellow and stuck on the TYPE-R badges Replaced standard Civic lights with Lexus style rear lights
Before installing grille After replacement of standard grille to meshed grille Doors getting ready for 'Chinese Emblems'
Near side emblems (what do they mean?) Off side emblems(E-mail me with answers) 24'' Neon lights installed
Neon lights in action The badge of excellence
After 4 months of sweat and blood................The Finished Product
    The sun brings out the colour
    The ice in action
Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, no its a modified honda civic!! Civic letting off steam